SACMI Packaging & Chocolate flies to Las Vegas with JT Advance

SACMI Packaging & Chocolate flies to Las Vegas with JT Advance

For the first time, Sacmi Packaging & Chocolate participates in the IBIE international fair (Las Vegas, September 18th-21st, 2022).
The focus is the  flow-pack packaging that stands out for its high speed and “gentle” handling of delicate bakery products.
SACMI Packaging & Chocolate’s integration capability providing a system which includes  distribution and secondary packaging solutions for bakery products.

SACMI Packaging & Chocolate participates in the IBIE (International Baking Industry Exposition) scheduled in Las Vegas from 18th to 21st September 2022. The latest technologies for flow-pack packaging the JT Advance will be shown at SACMI booth (North Hall, booth 7763), the state-of-the-art flow-wrapping machine under the OPM brand, providing high speeds, low operating costs, reduced format changeover times.

This is the company’s first time at the international fair in Las Vegas.  Our  expertise grown from decades in the confectionery industry combined with our focus on the bakery & Nutrition Bar sector brings us to the IBIE to share our capability and technology in the primary packaging field. We will present our most recent development of a range of solutions for flow-pack and secondary packaging for any bakery product, from bread to sweet rolls, cookie, crackers, biscuits, and wafers.

In our booth visitors, will have access to a dedicated LED wall, showing the attributes of the JT Advance. The JT Advance flexability for solutions based configuration for a specific customer’s need at high productivity rates .  The machine can process up to 150 meters of film per minute – with quick toolless changeovers and simplified maintenance. With an eye to the operator ‘s interface and ease of interaction.

Sanitation is primary in the machine design, with specific measures to reduce any deposit of product or materials within the body of the machine and simple removable tray which do not interfere with Production. Additionally, film reel changes are completed at speed in production without the need for the operator to interface in the operation.

The design is consistent with the phylosophy and overall approach to packaging by SACMI Packaging & Chocolate. The principle of Total Automation of product, packaging (from the process line), with the integration of distribution, accumulation-storage buffers, and distribtion providing an optimal and customized management of production as an integrated single source system. This concept includes our wide range of solutions available for the secondary packaging of packaged bakery products, with forming and placement in cartons, boxes, displays, in many case styles including American RSC and Display cases.

Among the features SACMI Packaging & Chocolate provides to the bakery world, is the efficient handling and packaging very delicate bakery products, difficult to deal with in traditional system. Flexibility and “gently” handling preserves both the product quality – in particular those of irregular shapes and surfaces both due to organic shape or with surface ingredients.

Distinctive also in terms of service, the SACMI Packaging & Chocolate offers parts and services local in the Market, as well as support from our international team supporting customers from the design stage through for all stages of a project. In the United States, the company operates within SACMI Packaging & Chocolate USA with US headquarters in Des Moines, Iowa.

Visit us at IBIE 2022 (Las Vegas, September 18th-21st), North Hall, booth 7763.

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