Group financial information

Group financial information

1.25 billion euros in sales, 676 million euros in shareholders' equity

150 million euros invested in 3 years (69 million in 2019).

The numbers of SACMI


Over 80 companies with sales and assistance services in 30 countries.


Sales (Million € in 2019)


employees in the world

Performance in the 2019 financial year - Letter from the Chairman

Change is the hallmark of our times. Its accelerating pace poses a constant challenge. It requires us to look to the future from a new perspective so we can comprehend its scope and see what's truly at stake for our companies and – more generally - our communities.
2019 was a very special year for SACMI. It saw us celebrate our first centenary, giving us an opportunity to recall our founders' extraordinary vision. A vision rooted in the principles of solidarity, cooperative democracy and continuous innovation. A vision that allowed the company to grow throughout the 20th century to become a world-leading provider of plant engineering solutions.
Above all, this milestone offered an opportunity to reflect, together, on just how much the challenges of digitization and environmental sustainability will alter the very concept of the factory as the relationship between technology, people and processes undergoes far-reaching change. In this centennial year, we gave a great deal of thought to where we want to be by 2030 and incorporated that outlook into every level of the organisation. A solid internationalised company with a sound managerial culture, we’re determined to consolidate
already-strong leadership in multiple sectors by providing ever-better customer support and nurturing attentiveness to the environment and the community.
SACMI's intergenerational nature and the ability to anticipate and guide change have been constants throughout our history. In an international scenario first affected by economic stagnation and, subsequently,a global health emergency of still-unknown impact, it will be our values that allow us to steady the ship and look to the future with confidence.
More specifically, 2019 saw the implementation of a new approach to organisation and markets. Strengthening to grow, that is, bolstering our ability to partner up with customers worldwide, is now a must if we are to continue being successful on international markets beset by deep uncertainty and doubt at every level: institutional, industrial, financial and social.
Digitization of factory processes - which SACMI has already been implementing for many years – brings with it the ability to offer new, ever-better products and services. We're convinced that only by taking this path and sharpening the focus on human capital, on the importance of people in governing such processes and on the principles of the circular economy, can this perspective be converted into real opportunities for the renewed development for our companies, the economy and global society as whole.>>
Paolo Mongardi, President

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Performance in the 2019 financial year - Letter from the Chairman

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