El Milia continues its investments in SACMI pressure casting

El Milia continues its investments in SACMI pressure casting

2 new ALS casting machines for washbasins, pedestals and squat pans recently installed. This investment is part of the technological modernization program in progress at the production plants of the Algerian Divindus Group. Successfully started up, the new line sits alongside the previous SACMI Robot Glaze supply as well as the AVM and ADS pressure casting machines for WC bowls and shower trays.  Also part of the supply are the new modelling developments to achieve top quality products destined for export.  

Following the complete robotized glazing line, already started up in 2020, the Algerian manufacturer El Milia (Divindus Group) once more invests in SACMI Robot Casting, with the aim of continuing its ambitious expansion and modernization plan for the production plant located near Jijel.
Adding to the previous supplies of AVM and ADS casting machines (for WC bowls and shower trays) and the related glazing-finishing lines, a complete set of SACMI ALS solutions is now provided for the pressure casting of washbasins, pedestals and squat pans. In particular, recently started up and successfully tested at the customer’s site were two ALS 150-L machines; the “long” version of the machine, the first of which is dedicated to the production of washbasins and the second to manufacture of pedestals and squat pans.  
Both casting cells are equipped with a slip feed tank and demoulding with servo-assisted handling device, making the operator’s work easier as regards the most heavy-duty and repetitive tasks.  
In line with its policy directed towards positioning itself among the highest standards in the market, both as regards technology and the product, El Milia has also purchased from SACMI some complete modelling developments, three of which are for pedestals, one for squat pans, plus another three for washbasins.
In total, the two casting machines supplied, already in full production, can receive 21 moulds, 12 of which are used to make the various washbasin models and the remaining 9 for pedestals and squat pans.  
A highly important element of this supply is the high level of automation, which matches the customer’s choice to comply with the most advanced international quality and safety standards, required for the manufacture of top-of-the-range products suitable for export.
With this latest investment the well-established partnership between SACMI and the Divindus Group has been further consolidated for a long-term program for the upgrading and technological modernization of all the Algerian Group’s production plants, especially El Milia, Ghazaouet and Tenes.  

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