SACMI RobotCasting: Thai company SSI installs a second AVM

SACMI RobotCasting: Thai company SSI installs a second AVM

A benchmark product in the international sanitaryware industry, Sacmi’s RobotCasting solution is recognized for its ability to increase process productivity and sustainability to guarantee quality and performance. This solution will now be applied to the production of “Simply Connect”, the latest top model in SSI’s COTTO range.

Increasing sustainability and performance in the production of quality sanitaryware underlines the strategy of SSI (Siam Sanitaryware Industry) which recently purchased from SACMI a second AVM module to follow the first module put into operation in 2014.
High-performing, reliable, flexible; these are the three key features which have brought SACMI’s AVM casting machine such success in worldwide markets with all the advantages of a modular platform that put the mould at the centre of operations and gives the customer maximum freedom in the control of automation and the associated control systems.  
These are the reasons why SSI chose a second AVM module supply; a solution which was already innovative the first time since it offers the customer the possibility to re-think the production process in the direction of further automation with the resulting guarantee of quality and reduction in time-to-market even when manufacturing the most complex pieces.
Following the first AVM supply which was dedicated to handling SSI’s leading product, the complex Tetragon WC, the new module, on the other hand, will be used to accompany the development and market launch of the latest top-of-the-range WC line named Simply Connect.
This new investment in SACMI’s solution shows SSI’s strong commitment to the sanitaryware sector in which it has operated for more than 50 years (the company was founded in 1969). In particular, the new products will strengthen the COTTO brand, which places the company among the top international market leaders in the industry thanks to the excellent quality of its products, customer care and personalization as well as the superior level of its technology and service.  

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