Effortless, adaptable, intelligent: Revolutionizing Metal Packaging with SACMI Video Inspection Solutions at CanTech The Grand Tour 26-28 March 2024 ITC Hotel, Maratha, Mumbai package

Massimo Gani, Sales Specialist Manager, Rigid Packaging BU will give a talk on "Smart vision for quality excellence" - 27 March at 2.50pm (GMT+5). The goal: to present A deep dive into advanced artificial vision inspection systems. AI-driven algorithms for proactive quality enhancement, from detection to perfection. The next wave in quality control redefining efficiency in metal packaging manufacturing.

SACMI introduces a cutting-edge range of vision systems for metal packaging, meticulously crafted to address customer needs and drive technological advancement. Embracing a new design philosophy focused on modularity, space optimization, effectiveness and user-friendliness, these systems make metal packaging inspection more precise yet simpler.
SACMI now offers the most comprehensive suite of vision systems, exclusively designed for metal packaging. Whether they’re used to inspect painted/lithographed sheets, caps, lids, containers or cans, all these systems feature state-of-the-art Computer Vision software (CVs) and patented solutions (Chrometriq and ElioScan) to ensure unrivalled metal vision performance.

Combining modularity and flexibility with precision and speed, these systems reflect SACMI's commitment to continuous technological progress and ever-broader application horizons. Noteworthy innovations include a redesigned electrical panel architecture, reducing both weight and size. Moreover, the introduction of MetalSight, a groundbreaking all-in-one platform, highlights SACMI’s dedication to metal vision systems built on an in-depth understanding of customer requirements.

Yet the innovations don't stop there. Acknowledging the ever-greater integration of inspection into production lines, SACMI has taken operational control to the next level with Classy-AI. This groundbreaking solution leverages advanced AI algorithms to enable real-time defect classification, generating instant warnings and statistics. Even operators unfamiliar with vision systems can effortlessly manage solutions via an interactive dashboard, demonstrating SACMI's commitment to smart, user-friendly technology.

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