SACMI donates a new high-tech electrosurgical unit to the Gastroenterology department

SACMI donates a new high-tech electrosurgical unit to the Gastroenterology department

New unit to be delivered to the department in the spring. Thanks to digitalization, the goal is to provide surgeons with even greater operating precision and quality. President of SACMI, Paolo Mongardi: «We’re an Imola-based company, and part of our mission involves supporting local excellence»

High-tech electrosurgery services will soon be available at the Gastroenterology department of Imola’s main hospital. Vio®3 is a latest-generation electrosurgical unit. And for 2022, SACMI has, in keeping with its Christmas tradition, decided to donate one to the local hospital.

Helping local institutions and associations implement healthcare projects and services is a mission goal that SACMI pursues every single year.

“SACMI is continuously engaged in initiatives that support our schools, healthcare facilities and various associations; together, they deliver essential training and care, both locally and around the world”, points out Paolo Mongardi, President of SACMI. “This Christmas, we’ve chosen to support the Gastroenterology department of our local hospital in Imola. Our aim is to give this facility - renowned for its excellence - a further technological boost by making increasingly cutting-edge treatment available”.

“Electrosurgical units are advanced tools that have a broad application range in operative endoscopy”, notes Professor Pietro Fusaroli, Chief Consultant of the Gastroenterology Unit at the Santa Maria della Scalett hospital in Imola. “Digital technology provides surgeons with valuable support when performing finely targeted operations as it can deliver specific tissue effects with extreme precision. This reduces the risk of bleeding and perforation while safeguarding adjacent healthy tissues, aspects that can make a major difference in terms of both the quality of the surgery and the patient's prognosis”.

Today, operative endoscopy is a method that lets doctors perform numerous operations from inside the digestive tract; these now include the treatment of tumors, which, until just a few years ago, could only be performed via traditional surgery. The doctor’s work is streamlined not only by the advanced technology of the instrument itself but also by the digital interface, which lets users select the most suitable configuration for the type of operation to be performed. And that's not all: this is a ‘smart’ electrosurgical unit (i.e. capable of autonomously modifying its configuration to ensure real-time adaptation to the patient’s condition, which can change during surgery), thus ensuring optimal results at all times.

“Once again, SACMI has generously lent its support to local public health services. This latest donation will provide one of the most advanced local healthcare facilities with next-level technology”, comments Andrea Rossi, General Manager of Imola’s Local Health Authority. “On behalf of the entire local community, we’d like to thank President Mongardi, the directors, partners and all the workers at SACMI for this valuable gift”.

Purchased before the end-of-year holidays, the new electrosurgical unit will be delivered in the coming months and is expected to be operational by the spring. It will replace the instrument currently used by the department, further optimizing its performance in keeping with the wider, fast-paced technological-digital development of the entire medical equipment sector.


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