RAK Porcelain invests in special SACMI kiln for bone china

RAK Porcelain invests in special SACMI kiln for bone china

The new solution will be installed at company’s headquarters at Ras Al Khaimah, in the United Arab Emirates, where 28 million pieces of top quality tableware items are produced every year. The main advantages guaranteed by the new solution, which is equipped with latest generation radiant burners, include better quality firing and optimization of running and maintenance costs.  

RAK Porcelain (RAK Ceramics Group) has invested in a new Sacmi TKA 240-75,6 roller kiln, part of the complete range of kilns which the SACMI Group, through its well-known brands, designs and develops specifically for the firing of tableware items.

In particular, the solution supplied has been designed for the firing of bone china, which requires specific firing atmospheres due to the raw materials it is made up of that give these products special functional and aesthetic characteristics.   

The model supplied to the customer, up and running within the end of 2021, at the company’s main base in Ras Al Khaimah, United Arab Emirates, will be used for both biscuit and glost firing. If required the solution can also be dedicated to firing decorated pieces or items made with different bodies.

Specialized in the production and sale of excellent quality porcelain tableware destined for the HORECA sector, RAK Porcelain manufactures 28 million pieces per year of porcelain tableware and accessories.  Versatility, accurate control, optimization of costs, are the key factors for the company which chose this Sacmi product in its new configuration with REKO radiant tube burners, the best choice in terms of reducing operating and maintenance costs.

Thanks to the high number of latest generation burners along the 75.6m kiln the distinguishing features of the solution supplied are maximum flexibility and minimized (among the lowest on the market) energy consumption.  Furthermore, the precision of the control and regulating system in the burner area ensures the best possible set-up of the firing curves guaranteeing even heat distribution in all areas and top quality of the fired product.   

The kiln is also equipped with a filtration system to prevent deposits from forming or soiling of the product.
With this supply, SACMI strengthens its historic partnership with the RAK Ceramics Group and, in particular, with RAK Porcelain which, through its various divisions located in Europe and the United States - in addition to the HQ in the UAE - sells its products in more than 165 countries over 5 continents.

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