Apulum continues to rely on the quality of SACMI-SAMA technology and customer service

Apulum continues to rely on the quality of SACMI-SAMA technology and customer service

A new “GREEN” PHO press has recently been supplied to Apulum adding to the six solutions already installed there since 2015. In this way the Romanian company, one of the most important European market leaders, progresses with its production expansion and improvement plans with SACMI-SAMA at its side.  

One of the most important and dynamic European Tableware manufacturers, Apulum Porcelain Factory has recently completed the purchase of a new SACMI-SAMA isostatic press which is an addition to the six other identical solutions purchased since 2015.

Thanks to the determination and bold approach of the new majority share-holders, Rody Time SRL Italia, led by Alvaro Santini and Rodica Vasin, who bought the majority share of the company in 2007, the “new path” for Apulum – founded in 1970 – enjoyed several years of strong growth leading up to the point at which the company placed their trust in the best European partner for the supply of technology and technical assistance when they purchased their first PHO700 in 2018.

The solution recently supplied and being started up is the “GREEN” PHO451, an isostatic press capable of producing pieces having a diameter between 110 and 380 mm, which will be destined for the manufacture of different types of dishes - both flatware and holloware – thanks to the special demoulding kit which was supplied with the press. This supply represents a clear step by Apulum to move further towards improving performance, quality, process repeatability, and environmental sustainability, thanks to the new features making it possible to achieve energy and raw material savings of up to 30% with the new range of presses.

With its commitment and strength, investing in the best technologies on the market, the new ownership has made its mark on Apulum Porcelain Factory’s strategy over the last few years. Based in Alba Iulia, in Romania – known in Roman times as “Apulum” and historic capital of the Kingdom of Transylvania – the company has today a production output of around 50 million pieces per year, of various types of articles. The distinguishing feature of SACMI-SAMA technology is, in fact, that it enables, through the combined installation of presses and finishing machines, flexible management of the production mix, to produce dishes of all shapes and types and also cups and mugs.

In particular, the PHO supplied is equipped downstream with an OFM-8 fettling machine for automatic finishing of round and non-round articles (which Apulum produces both in porcelain and stoneware), and is an addition to the various other pressing and finishing solutions provided in recent years to the factory to assist the expansion and upgrade of the product portfolio. “We are constantly expanding on the European market – emphasises Alvaro Santini – and to maintain our position we have chosen to focus continuously, not just on the latest technology, but also on the superior quality of the SACMI-SAMA customer service”.

To demonstrate the point, among other devices supplied with the machine is the new generation electronic card which enables remote assistance to be carried out directly from SACMI headquarters without the need for technicians to be sent out to the factory in person. This is an example of the added value offered by the SACMI solution which gives customers an important advantage especially during this period of limitations with international travel. The success of the entire project is also due to Apulum’s excellent technical team which has worked alongside the ownership in recent years to reach new and ambitious goals. 

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