Casting systems - AVI

Casting plants for multi-part mould WC bowls and bidets

Single-mould casting module for open or closed rim WC bowls and bidets.

The evolution of the SINGLE-MOULD machine to maximise its potential

The AVI single-mould casting machine is able to produce even very complex bowls and bidets with open or closed rim, it provides the maximum production flexibility thanks to the extra quick mould change, made possible by high automation. The option of installing moulds from AVE and AVM is also assured, resulting in outstanding productive continuity. Its other features are the option of tilting frontally and laterally, and the absence of hydraulic circuits, replaced by a pneumatic system for easier maintenance.
Number of moulds 1
Mould dimensions max. LxAxD (mm x mm x mm) mm 1100x760x850
Indicative cycle time min 15 - 25
Max. clamping force kN 600, 600, 600
Max. casting pressure bar 15
Mould change time min max 60 min (in specific conditions)

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