“Packaging built around you”. SACMI at Agrofood Nigeria 2023

“Packaging built around you”. SACMI at Agrofood Nigeria 2023

A driving force behind the adoption of new standards, with immediate, tangible benefits. And, above all, a sole provider, from raw materials to packaged products. This is SACMI: bringing state-of-the-the-art cap, preform and bottling lines to Lagos 

Caps, preforms, complete bottling lines. At the 8th international Agrofood fair in Lagos (March 28-30, 2023) SACMI will showcase solutions that offer two key advantages: lower neck+cap weight, via the transition towards new lightweight standards, and complete ‘pellet to pallet’ technologies that cover everything from the raw material to the packaged bottle.

The Nigerian market

Even though its cap presses are already Nigeria’s most popular, SACMI heads to this edition of Agrofood with a groundbreaking proposal designed to give customers not one but two major improvements to quality: the adoption of new internationally certified cap and neck standards and the development of complete plants (the latter already a SACMI hallmark throughout Africa, thanks to dozens of projects completed with key local producers).
Yet the opportunities don’t end there: SACMI plants – CCM compression presses for caps and IPS injection presses for preforms – can be integrated with complete bottling lines by SACMI Beverage. Customers can count on comprehensive design-development of cap, preform and bottle, delivered via the SACMI Packaging Center, and unmatched stretch-blow molding expertise, all with the added advantage of implementing investment plans through a sole provider.

The 26/22 and 25/22 neck transition

The global trend towards lighter necks and caps that offer the same performance stems from a twofold need: to save on raw materials, to safeguard the environment. From this perspective, the 26/22 and 25/22 necks are making significant inroads in both water and CSD.
For each 26 or 25 mm water/CSD neck version, SACMI already has a broad range of tested solutions, approved by the major brand owners and already in production worldwide.
Thanks to all-round expertise in packaging and process and an ability to combine them to respond effectively to different market needs, SACMI can provide each neck-cap-market combination with the lightest solution available: without compromising on performance or environmental safeguards.
Compared to PCO 1881, currently the most common standard, 26/22 necks are revolutionary. With carbonated beverages, SACMI can deliver GME 30.40, GME 30.41 and GME 30.37 solutions that guarantee raw materials savings in the order of 30% - 50%.
For example, following huge success on the Nigerian market with lightweight CSD solutions, SACMI has gone on to introduce the lightest solution on the still water market with a neck weighing just 1 g and the cap (25/22) a mere 0.8 g.

Beyond the state-of-the-art

SACMI aims to stay ahead of the market and play a guiding role in its development. But that’s not all. If we also look at today's most widespread production standards, SACMI works alongside customers to put together lightened neck solutions that match their specific needs.
Another winning aspect is the special relationship with local bottlers. This facilitates the adoption of turnkey solutions that, for example, integrate cap and preform machines and complete bottling lines. Here, the latest-generation IPS SACMI lines play a vital role. To illustrate: the IPS 400 Cool+ and the new IPS 300 have won widespread acclaim, the latter combining integrated on-machine checks with a Vision System to inspect the produced preforms (SACMI is the only company in the world to provide such a solution).

Complete lines and the tethered perspective

The numerous complete plant projects make SACMI a key partner on the Nigerian market, providing close support so producers can adopt the best international sustainability standards. One such standard concerns, of course, tethered caps. Here, SACMI offers a solution with post-process slitting and comprehensive functionality control using dedicated in-line machines.
On the stretch-blow molding front, SACMI Beverage has unrivalled expertise: patented ‘dual cavity’ technology lets manufacturers double output rates on medium sizes (up to 750 ml). Alongside this, SACMI also provides comprehensive container filling and labeling technology, a turnkey proposal that meets every possible market requirement.
Whether providing greenfield plants or giving existing factories a major qualitative-technological upgrade, SACMI’s mission is ‘Packaging built around you’. That mission is streamlined by local SACMI facilities with trained staff who deliver close customer support at every stage, from product design to technical assistance and original spare parts.

Visit us at Agrofood Nigeria 2023 at STAND 1G 07!

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