SACMI at Expo Pack Mexico 2023

SACMI at Expo Pack Mexico 2023

SACMI to showcase new technological features for its cap and preform press range, a comprehensive array of bottling machines and plants and the technical assistance services provided by SACMI de Mexico

SACMI will be at the international Expo Pack Mexico fair (Guadalajara, 13-15 June 2023) to exhibit all its latest cap and preform-manufacturing innovations, such as quality control systems integrated directly on the machines.

Complete product development

Thanks to the unrivalled expertise of its Laboratory, SACMI offers a complete product development service: this spans from design of cap and preform to the technologies needed to make them, all the way up to dedicated AI-powered quality control.
Moreover, SACMI helps customers transition to new cap-neck standards such as the 26/22 mm and provides the market's widest range of new tethered caps to meet every possible production requirement.

Continuous compression molding

CCM presses have taken another technological leap forwards with advanced on-board controls that boost machine availability and reliability by predicting its behavior. On the latest-generation CCM models, SACMI has installed a new type of extruder, CM-Flow, which reduces both overall dimensions and consumption, ensuring compliance with the highest quality standards.
And that’s not all. Smart Care services are available for the entire range of latest-generation presses: these provide cutting-edge assistance based on in-cloud analysis of machine data, making production line control proactive and more accurate.

Injection Preform System

By drawing on unmatched cap line expertise, SACMI has - less than 10 years after the launch of the first IPS - already installed more than 150 presses in Brazil and Mexico alone.
The latest addition to the SACMI family is the IPS 300. This incorporates PVS 156 quality control, an on-board vision system powered by AI.
The PVS 156 performs spot checks and can inspect as many as 96 preforms in just 5 minutes, allowing users to identify any process issues and pinpoint the mold cavities that are the source of the problem.

Profitable sustainability

With SACMI, an in-depth understanding of every stage of the process means meticulous attention to cap, preform handling and stretch-blow molding.
This means customers can count not only on the market's widest range of caps developed specifically for the new neck standards: it also means they can access profitable solutions to accelerate a sustainable innovation that takes into account the peculiarities of individual markets (i.e. different regulatory developments, different end user consumption habits).

Complete bottling lines

SACMI's Beverage BU is your perfect partner, accompanying you from product ‘idea’ to the filled, capped, labeled bottle. How have we achieved this? By building on consolidated leadership in cap lines, SACMI has developed a complete range of container stretch-blowing, filling and labelling solutions. 
Customers who choose complete SACMI Beverage solutions can count on numerous opportunities, such as the new Packaging Center: a service that delivers comprehensive cap and container development consultancy to implement successful investment plans, renew production set-ups and launch new products on the market. 

Close support from SACMI de Mexico

The SACMI de Mexico team is always at your side, providing the highest levels of service before, during and after the sale, from technical assistance to original spare parts.
The far-reaching SACMI Global Network allows us to operate in close proximity to customers, following each single stage of the project to ensure they get the best, longest-lasting results from their investment in SACMI technology.
Visit us at the fair (hall A stand 1522) and see what SACMI technology and services can do for you.

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