IPLAS India 2024: SACMI identifies and proposes innovative solutions for sustainable rigid packaging

IPLAS India 2024: SACMI identifies and proposes innovative solutions for sustainable rigid packaging

A broad proposal to meet every need in the field of sustainable rigid packaging. The product range features various solutions, ranging from the new 26/22 mm lightweight caps to the GME 30.40 and GME 30.41 package preforms, also available for special applications.

IPLAS (International Plastics Exhibition), one of Southern India’s largest trade fairs in the plastics sector, will be held in Nungambakkam, Chennai, from 14 to 17 June 2024. This event is of fundamental importance to SACMI, as it gives us the opportunity to put forward a unique proposal to the market, highlighting our ability to assist customers with targeted solutions designed to combine sustainability and profitability.

The products 

Through the expertise of its Rigid Packaging Laboratory, SACMI offers comprehensive consultancy in the development of caps and necks, providing solutions that are already market-approved and certified by leading international brands, as well as the possibility of customising its solutions, even in terms of design.

As far as the closure solutions are concerned, SACMI will be introducing its new 26/22 mm proposals, further expanding the widest product range available on the market. These include SACMI’s new multi-purpose AB26CSDT-5 (GME 30.40) and AB26CSD12 (GME30.41) caps, the lightest on the market (with 35% less plastic compared to the traditional PCO1881 finish), which are ideal for highly carbonated beverages.

In addition, the still water proposal has been further refined with the introduction of the new, ultra-light (1 gram), premium-design AB26W15 cap, which allows for an additional 10% savings with respect to the established AB26W8 caps. 

As for the preform segment, with IPS, SACMI has completed its offering, distinguishing itself for its integrated approach to the neck-cap system. On the GME 30.40 and 30.41, in addition to the standard preform, we also offer a special “light” solution for water, which saves more than 0.70 grams of PET per individual preform. In addition, we offer a solution designed for hot-filling, which is slightly heavier than the standard preform, but with considerable savings with respect to the conventional reinforced PCO1881.

The ready-to-market approach

All the solutions presented are already available on the market, guaranteeing immediate industrial application. The SACMI Laboratory is also able to develop custom solutions to every production requirement in terms of the type of product to be packaged, while at the same time offering advanced design consultancy, in order to create high-performance and distinctive products.

The Evolution of Quality Control

SACMI has been developing highly specific quality control systems for each product in its packaging line (caps, preforms, containers, etc.) for years. Installable either in-line or in standalone configuration, these systems have been developed for use with the latest digital tools. These include the CVs software suite, which is based on advanced, intelligent, and interoperable diagnostic software capable of providing advanced quality control from product to process, even simplifying the machines’ operation.
This brand new CVS suite contains 4 integrated software components: CVs23 (the upgraded version of CVs22 with new cybersecurity capabilities and AI algorithms), which is used to manage the physical separation of good and defective caps (it does not recognise defect classes, but discards defective samples altogether); CVsWeb for real-time production visualisation, with real-time analysis of data and statistics and logging; CLASSY-AI for the real-time classification of defective samples, with the recognition of the defect class for each sample; and Guild-AI, the digital chatbot assistant integrated with the other 3 software components to answer any questions the customer might have regarding alarms, troubleshooting, or manuals.

The service

Thanks to SACMI Engineering, the customer is guaranteed first-class service covering every stage, from purchase to after-sales. This is made possible by a team of dedicated local technicians specialised in all the technologies offered, and the constant availability of original spare parts. The subsidiary recently expanded its capabilities by integrating new personnel and facilities dedicated exclusively to service in the rigid packaging sector.

Visit us at IPLAS (International Plastics Exhibition) 2024! (booth no. C41+42) 

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