SACMI: target Senegal

SACMI: target Senegal

The company will be present at Senepack Expo, the 11th International Packaging Exhibition, on 6-8 June in the capital of Dakar. With state-of-the-art SACMI technology, for sustainable, high-performance, customised packaging on display

For the first time, SACMI will be present at Senepack Expo, the main industry event in Senegal, which will be held on 6-8 June 2024 in the capital of Dakar (Centre des Expositions de Dakar Diamniadio).
Rapidly growing demand in all segments (water, CSD, juices, etc.) represents fertile ground for a dynamic local industry, for which SACMI offers state-of-the-art technologies for the sector.

Lightweight and high-performance

These are the characteristics of the capsules produced with SACMI machines, thanks to superior technology (continuous compression moulding - CCM) and the expertise of the SACMI Rigid Packaging Laboratory, which develops complete capsule-preform solutions based on the type of product to be packaged and the customer’s specific goals, also taking into account the most popular and appreciated consumer experiences, thanks to an in-depth knowledge of the market.
Certified by the world’s leading brand owners, the SACMI Laboratory offers a wide range of expertise to support and facilitate the transition to innovative and sustainable standards designed to reduce raw material consumption, while at the same time maintaining top performance and an excellent consumer experience.
These include the market’s most extensive range of dedicated 26/22 mm family capsules for water, CSD and hot filling, available in both tethered and non-tethered versions to meet every production need. 

Integrated and digital

The SACMI series of PET preform production machines, which offer advanced versatility and performance and are becoming increasingly popular among customers, even in combination with cap production lines, has been completed with the range of IPS (injection preform system) machines. 
This has resulted in considerable advantages in terms of quality, efficiency, and ease of management, with SACMI serving as a single point of contact, with wide-reaching technical and spare parts services guaranteed worldwide.
The digitalisation of the processes and services has rendered SACMI solutions highly competitive. This success factor means increased profitability for the Customer, who, based on the actual operating data always available in the cloud and analysed by the SACMI team, is able to optimise their plant management and maintenance, thus increasing their machines’ availability and efficiency.

The Evolution of Quality Control

SACMI has been developing highly specific quality control systems for each product in its packaging line (caps, preforms, containers, etc.) for years. Installable either in-line or in standalone configuration, these systems have been developed for use with the latest digital tools. These include the CVs software suite, which is based on advanced, intelligent, and interoperable diagnostic software capable of providing advanced quality control from product to process, even simplifying the machines’ operation.
This brand new CVS suite contains 4 integrated software components: CVs23 (the upgraded version of CVs22 with new cybersecurity capabilities and AI algorithms), which is used to manage the physical separation of good and defective caps (it does not recognise defect classes, but discards defective samples altogether); CVsWeb for real-time production visualisation, with real-time analysis of data and statistics and logging; CLASSY-AI for the real-time classification of defective samples, with the recognition of the defect class for each sample; and Guild-AI, the digital chatbot assistant integrated with the other 3 software components to answer any questions the customer might have regarding alarms, troubleshooting, or manuals.

Crown bottle caps, assembly 

In addition to its global leadership in the development and production of crown bottle cap lines, SACMI also offers the most comprehensive range of metal caps: from traditional aluminium ROPP caps, to the newer, higher-performance MASC caps with plastic safety bands, brilliant ring-pull caps for carbonated beverages, and lugged caps for both large-diameter containers and baby foods.
In addition, SACMI also offers the new Velomat brand complex capsule assembly solutions. These electronically-controlled, ultra-high-performance machines are ideal for sport caps, spirit caps, and cardboard packages.

Be sure to visit SACMI at Senepack 2024 (6-8 June, Centre des Expositions de Dakar Diamniadio), at stand n ITA 11

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