Dryer upstream the biscuit firing or the glost firing kiln to assure a residual moisture of <0,5% at the kiln entrance.

DWT - Séchoir pour vaisselle

DWT - Dryer for tableware

The dryer is operated with waste heat from the kiln and does not require any additional burner. The product is transported through the kiln on kiln cars as in the TWT kiln.

EMS - Séchoir tunnel pour four à rouleaux

EMS - Tunnel dryer for roller kiln

The dryer is operated for the most part with waste heat from the kiln, a support burner provides, if needed, for a constant temperature of the air supplied. The product is conveyed through the dryer on transport slabs. The loading on the slabs is made in a single layer, in piles or with setters. The dryer is installed directly upstream the kiln.

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